cremation service in nashua nh

What Is an Urn Vault? Things You Should Know

Has your family decided that you would like to bury a loved one’s cremated remains following their upcoming cremation service in Nashua, NH? Before you do, you may be required to have their remains put into something called an urn vault. So, what is an urn vault? And why are you typically going to have to utilize one when burying a loved one’s remains? We’re going to provide you with all the information you need on urn vaults today. Continue reading to find out more about them.


What is an urn vault?

An urn vault is a type of vault that is used to house a person’s Nashua, NH cremation urn when it’s buried in the ground at a cemetery. Generally speaking, urn vaults are used to provide urns with the protection that they’ll need once they’re buried underground. They’re designed to stop the weight of the soil that sits on top of them from causing them to collapse. Urn vaults can be made out of many different kinds of materials, but more often than not, they’re constructed out of heavy-duty metals that are built to be strong and durable.


Why are urn vaults used?

As we just alluded to, urn vaults are usually used to protect the cremation urns that are put inside them. They can prevent the soil that surrounds urns from doing damage to them. But it’s worth noting that urn vaults can do more than just that. They can also protect the cemeteries in which they’re buried by preventing holes from popping up all over the place. Cemeteries won’t have to worry about these holes forming when people and lawn equipment pass over the areas in which urns are buried.


Are urn vaults mandatory?

For a long time, cemeteries used to allow families to bury cremation urns on their grounds without putting them inside urn vaults first. But in more recent years, many cemeteries have stopped this practice and started to ask families to put urns inside urn vaults. Not all cemeteries call for families to do this, but most of them do. So you’re going to need to inquire as to whether or not you’ll need to invest in an urn vault for a loved one’s urn before you even think about burying an urn in the ground at a cemetery.

cremation service in nashua nh
cremation service in nashua nh

How much do urn vaults cost?

If you find that you’re going to need to purchase an urn vault for a loved one’s urn prior to putting it into the ground in a cemetery, you might be concerned about how much it’s going to cost you. But you’ll be happy to hear that an urn vault shouldn’t set you back too much money. Although different urn vaults sell for different amounts of money, there are some that are only going to cost you a couple hundred dollars at most. It would be worth shopping around for an urn vault that will fit comfortably into your family’s budget.

Does your family need to secure an urn vault for a loved one’s Nashua, NH cremation services? We can supply you with one if you would like. Reach out to us today to discover more about how urn vaults are used to protect cremation urns.

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