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The Process Used for Cremations in Nashua, NH

When someone we love dies, there is a need to make arrangements to care for their remains in a respectful and timely way. If death has occurred or is expected soon, consider learning more about cremations in Nashua, NH. Cremation is a fairly simple process that brings about a total change of the final remains. The body becomes just a few pounds of ashen material that can be memorialized in a number of ways.


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Cremation Overview: How it Works

After a death at home, if the deceased has been under the care of hospice or a medical doctor, the first call made will be to them. If not, the authorities will need to be notified first. Soon after the legal side of things are in order, you will need to select a care provider for final arrangements. If you are hoping to keep things very simple and affordable, you will definitely want to check out Middlesex Cremation.

Once the deceased has been taken into the care of your chosen provider, the body will be placed in cold storage. This will help to forestall the natural process of decay temporarily. Before the cremation can be completed, all paperwork will need to be in order, including a legal permit. The timeframe may take a week or so. When the paperwork is in hand, the cremation can be performed.

The body will be cleaned and dressed at some point prior to the procedure. A lightweight coffin/container will hold the deceased remains during the process. The heat-proof cremation chamber will receive this combustible container containing the human remains. When all is secured within, the heat will be turned to extremely high temperatures. The contents in the chamber will soon succumb to flames. Within just a couple of hours, the remains will be reduced to the most basic elements.

Any visible fragments of bones and other particulates will be thoroughly collected and standardized in size. The resulting granules are usually called ashes. These particles may be buried in a cemetery or columbarium. They may also be scattered in a cremation garden or other setting. Some families feel relieved to have the option of the remains staying nearby in a decorative urn at home.


Some FAQS About Cremations in Nashua, NH

It is pretty common for people to have questions about the details surrounding cremations in Nashua, NH. Here are some that often come up:

  • What exactly is a direct cremation? A direct cremation refers to the cremation process that is offered without any other honoring services or ceremonies connected to it. Often this is a way to simplify final arrangements. For this reason, a direct cremation is sometimes called a simple cremation.
  • Can a cremation be performed for an individual who will also have a public honoring service? A cremation does not rule out having an honoring ceremony. A funeral is held before cremation, and a memorial would be held after the cremation has occurred. If you are working with a cremation-only service to care for your loved one’s remains, you may wish to find an additional team to help support your honoring service needs.
  • Is clothing required for the deceased during cremation? This comes down to personal preferences. In any case, your loved one will be cared for with dignity and respect throughout the process.
  • Are cremations ever handled for more than one person at a time? Actually, no. Cremations legally (and ethically) must only be performed for one person at a time.
  • What kinds of processes are in place to keep the identity of the deceased secure throughout the cremation? Each facility may have slightly different steps to ensure that your loved one’s remains are tracked throughout the process. The establishment you choose should be able to share these protocols with you in detailed transparency. Be certain you understand what measures are taken to give yourself this peace of mind.
  • Can anyone oversee the cremation? Only those who are licensed and trained to do so may perform the cremation. In most states, a funeral director must oversee this process.
  • Is it a possibility for loved ones to witness the cremation procedure? In many cases, this may be witnessed, at least partially. Watching the loading of the cremation chamber is commonly something most facilities can accommodate.
  • How can direct cremation services save money when it comes to final arrangements? Because direct cremation services offer a specific type of solution, this means that the facility has less overhead costs to keep several types of services running. These savings are passed on to consumers who are looking for straightforward deathcare solutions on a budget. Cremation generally requires far less handling for funeral directors, which also means it will cost less.


Choosing a Trusted Cremation Provider

If you need a simplified and respectful solution to care for your deceased, consider Middlesex Cremation for cremations in Nashua, NH. We are conveniently located at 106 Middlesex St, North Chelmsford, MA 01863. Our competent and compassionate advisors can be reached by calling (978) 622-1234.

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