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Types of Urns Families Can Buy for Cremated Remains

Buying an urn for a loved one’s cremation service in Lowell, MA might seem like it would be pretty simple to do. How hard could it be to look at a bunch of urns and decide which one you want to purchase? But it can actually be way more difficult than you might think to work your way through this process. This is largely because of all the different types of urns that are available in this day and age. Learn about some of the types of urns below so that you have a slightly easier time deciding which one you want to go with for your loved one’s cremated remains.


Metal urns

Metal urns are probably the most popular kinds of urns that you’ll find on the market today. Part of this is because metal urns are showcased in so many movies and TV shows. It’s why people tend to think of them first when they need to buy an urn while planning a cremation. But part of it is also because metal urns have earned a reputation for being very durable and, maybe more importantly, very affordable. You won’t have to spend a small fortune to get your hands on a metal urn.


Stone urns

While metal urns make great options for those who want to invest in urns that aren’t going to break the bank, stone urns have also turned into a wonderful choice for many families. Stone urns might be a little bit more expensive than metal ones in most cases, but they’re even more durable than metal urns and, in many cases, they’re more beautiful than them, too. Additionally, stone urns are often heavier than metal ones, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about one getting knocked over if you choose to put it out on display in your home.


Wooden urns

Wooden urns don’t always come with the strength and durability that metal and stone ones do. They might not hold up very well if they’re ever involved in something like a fire. But even with that being said, you shouldn’t discount the idea of investing in a wooden urn. Wooden urns are typically very ornate and decorative by nature. They can also be personalized a lot easier than many other types of urns. So if you’re looking to create a custom urn for a loved one, this could be the direction that you’ll want to go in.

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Eco-friendly urns

If your family is going to be burying a loved one’s remains, you might be concerned about what impact it’s going to have on the environment. This isn’t something you’ll need to worry about when you decide to go with an eco-friendly urn. Eco-friendly urns are made out of biodegradable materials that will break down over time. So you can bury them without a care in the world and know that this type of urn isn’t going to have a negative impact on the environment at all.


Families often struggle to choose which urns they want to go with for their loved one’s Lowell, MA cremations. If this is something that worries you, you should let us assist you with the process of picking out an urn. Call us now to begin shopping for cremation urns through us.

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