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The Ultimate Guide to Displaying a Loved One’s Urn in Your Home

Does your family want to keep a loved one’s cremated remains close following their cremation service in Boston, MA? You will have the option to place your loved one’s remains into an urn and bring them home if you would like. But before you do this, you should think long and hard about how you’re going to display your loved one’s remains in your home. It’ll help you put together a display that you’re proud of in the end. Here is a guide on how to display a loved one’s urn in your home.


Begin by picking out the right urn for your loved one’s cremated remains.

If you know that you’re going to bring a loved one’s remains home after their Boston, MA cremation is complete, you should shop around for an urn that’s going to look great in your home. You can find everything from very basic metal urns to more ornate wooden and natural stone urns. Your goal should be to locate an urn that is going to work with everything else that you have in your home. It’ll ensure that you’re able to display the urn in your house without it looking too out of place at any point.


Look for the best place to put your loved one’s remains on display.

Once you know which urn you’re going to put a loved one’s remains in, you should set out to find the perfect place to put it. You’re free to display an urn in almost any area of your home. Many families choose to place a loved one’s urn in their living room. It makes it feel like their loved one is still around to some degree when they’re gathered in the living room as a family. But you can also display an urn in a dining room, a foyer, or even a kitchen. It’ll be up to you to find the right spot for it. Funeral planning is the process of arranging and organizing end-of-life ceremonies and services.


cremation service in Boston, MA Find some items to display alongside your loved one’s urn.

In addition to putting your loved one’s urn on display, you should also surround it with some things that remind you of your loved one. You might want to put out a small collection of your loved one’s photos from over the years. You might also want to put out special keepsakes that make you think of your loved one. You don’t necessarily want to make your loved one’s display look like a shrine to them or anything. But you should beef it up just a little bit so that it’s clear to others who your loved one was.


Come up with a plan for keeping your loved one’s urn clean.

After you’re able to create a great display for your loved one’s urn, you’re going to be in charge of keeping it clean. You should try to dust the display at least once each week to stop it from getting dirty. You should also keep clutter away from your loved one’s display so that it doesn’t look like it’s been overrun with junk. You can continue to pay tribute to your loved one for the foreseeable future by setting out to keep their urn as clean as you can get it.


Prior to putting your loved one’s urn on display in your home, you’ll need a cremation service provider to help you cremate your loved one. We can help you do this just like we’ve helped out many other families with Boston, MA cremations. Contact us to get more information on our cremation services.

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