Cremation has been a popular option for those who don’t want to have an expensive burial service. Our cremation services go above and beyond to provide you with all the information, guidance, and flexibility you need.


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Cremation Service Boston, MAIf you are facing the need to make final arrangements, there is much to consider. To care for the remains of your loved one, you can opt to use an establishment that offers cremations in Boston, MA. Cremation can provide many benefits to those who are grieving this loss and still care respectfully for the deceased.


The process of cremation is a complete transformation of the deceased remains. Because of this, there is no ability to reverse the process once it has taken place. To protect all, legally required permits and waiting times must be fulfilled before the cremation can be completed. The procedure itself is not terrifically lengthy and can be finished within just a few hours of starting.


The body is cleaned and dressed as desired. It is then placed in a cremation container which will be set into the chamber/retort where incineration will happen. The high heat needed to fully reduce the remains varies from 1400-2000 degrees Fahrenheit in most chambers. Once complete and cooled, the chamber will be emptied of all particles and bone fragments. After the fragments have been further reduced to a ground texture, the cremation is all done. The cremated remains are contained in some way and returned to the family for final placement.


Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding Cremations in Boston, MA

  • What is a direct cremation or a simple cremation? A direct cremation references the body disposition only. It is not attached to any public honoring service that might be planned for a deceased person. It is also often called a simple cremation.


  • Can a public service be planned for an individual who has or will receive cremation? Some cremation facilities only offer the cremation portion and you will need to make other arrangements for the honoring services. A funeral can be held before the cremation, or a memorial and/or ash scattering service can be held after the cremation is completed.


  • Does the body need to be clothed for the cremation? This is completely up to you. Privacy shields are used when cleaning and transferring the body to protect the dignity of the departed. The cremation container (which is a lightweight and rigid box to hold the remains) also helps to maintain the privacy of the deceased during the cremation process.


  • How many people are cremated in the furnace at one time? Only one. It is not legal for cremations to be held for multiple people in the same furnace at the same time.


  • How is the identity of the deceased verified through the process? Though the process may differ between providers, there should be clearly defined protocols that are used to ensure that your loved one’s identity is never in question. For example, some places use a titanium tag that is placed on your loved one and is with them through each step of the procedure.


  • Who oversees the cremation? Only those with the appropriate training can offer and help perform a cremation. A licensed funeral director oversees the whole process in accordance with legal requirements.


  • Can our family watch? In some cases, the family may watch their loved one’s coffin being loaded into the cremation chamber. Because of the intense heat needed to complete the cremation, the chamber is not generally built from transparent materials. Also, because of the heat, viewing at a distance would be advisable.


Cost Effective Death Care that Preserves Dignity

Using a facility that offers only simple or direct cremation can greatly reduce your costs associated with services for cremations in Boston, MA. With fewer needs for a large-scale funeral chapel facility, the overhead costs of a cremation-only provider are going to be less than a traditional funeral home. With fewer services needed, there is less cost involved at the end of the day.


Taking this streamlined approach to death care services can be a great support to the grieving family. Caring for the deceased is a time-sensitive issue that has to happen right away when someone dies. Cremation can open up more options for the timing of memorial services at a later date or with the final placement choices.


On that note, when it comes to choosing a final resting place for cremated remains, there are some other very cost-effective solutions. The ashen remains may be scattered in a special natural location or they can be kept close by at home in a funerary urn. The cremated grains could also be buried in a cemetery or memorial park.


The Right Provider for Affordable Cremation Services

When you look at your options for cremations in Boston, MA, find out if the options available through Middlesex Cremation can effectively meet your needs. With clear and simple solutions surrounding the respectful care of your loved one’s remains; you can trust that they will be in good hands here. Learn more about this facility located at 106 Middlesex St, North Chelmsford, MA 01863 by calling (978) 622-1234.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Is pre-planning your funeral a good idea?

It’s always a good idea to preplan whether you decide to pay for a funeral in advance or not. This way, your family will know exactly what you want. They won’t have to make difficult decisions on one of the hardest days of their lives. Instead, they can be together and grieve their loss since you have everything ready for them. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.


What is a cremation casket?

A cremation casket is a container that is like a burial casket in look and appearance and is designed for the presentation of the deceased for a viewing or visitation. This type of casket contains minimal metal parts and is mostly made out of wood for the cremation process.


What size cremation urn do I need?

As a general rule, for every pound of the person’s total weight, you will need one cubic inch of space. So if a person weighed 130 lbs, you will need an urn that is 130 cubic inches or larger. You can use a cremation urn size calculator to help you find the right size cremation urn.