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Ways in Which You Can Customize a Loved One’s Cremation Urn

If you want to buy a very basic cremation urn for a loved one, a cremation service in Nashua, NH will be able to help you do this. They’ll have urns that you can check out and purchase without a problem at all. But if you’re planning on putting a loved one’s urn on display in your home, you might want to go ahead and make it extra special. Ideally, you should try to find some ways to customize your loved one’s urn so that it’s unique to them. Take a look at several ways in which you can do this below and then set out to customize your loved one’s urn from scratch.


Choose an urn made out of the right materials.

Not everyone realizes this, but urns that are used for Nashua, NH cremations can be made out of all kinds of different materials. Most basic urns are constructed out of metal, but you can also find natural stone urns, wooden urns, and more. You should look around for urns made out of the right materials. You should also consider all of the different shapes that you can find urns in these days. You’ll get a custom urn off to a strong start by picking out the right urn to use for your foundation. Planning a funeral requires selecting a burial site, organizing a memorial service, and notifying loved ones.


Make an urn your loved one’s favorite color.

Once you know which urn you’re going to buy for a loved one, you should think about making it a different color. You can usually make an urn your loved one’s favorite color if you would like. You can also make an urn the color of your favorite sports team or almost any color that you want to choose. You can paint your loved one’s urn yourself if you’re crafty or you can hire someone else to do it if you aren’t up for the challenge.


cremation service in Nashua, NHEngrave your loved one’s name on an urn.

Arguably the easiest way to customize a loved one’s urn will be by having their name engraved on it. You can engrave an urn with your loved one’s name along with the dates of their birth and death if you decide to do it. You can also engrave your loved one’s urn with a quote that they used to always say or a quote that reminds you of them. You’ll have plenty of space to engrave a loved one’s urn so you should think about taking full advantage of it.


Add a photo of your loved one or a photo of something else on an urn.

Want to take your loved one’s custom urn to the next level? You might want to kick around the idea of adding a photo of them to it. Or if you don’t want to put their photo on their urn, you can also choose to put a photo of something else on it. This will transform your loved one’s urn into a true work of art. You’ll be so proud to show it off in your home when it’s all finished and ready to put on display.


Is your family considering customizing a loved one’s urn so that you can display it following their Nashua, NH cremation? Middlesex Cremation can help you pick out the best cremation urn possible for them. We can also point you in the right direction when it comes to customizing it. Contact us now for all of your family’s cremation needs.

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