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Items a Family Can Place in a Cremation Container

Just before a person’s body is cremated during a cremation service in Lowell, MA, a crematory will place it into a cremation container. This container is combustible, and it’s used to make sure that everything goes according to plan when a person is cremated. It can also be used to house any items that a family might want to cremate along with a loved one. Take a look at several items that your family might want to consider placing into a loved one’s cremation container.



Did you know that saying goodbye to a loved one who has died through a letter is one of the best things that you can do while mourning their loss? You’ll be able to say whatever you want to your loved one in a letter so that you can get some things off your chest. With this in mind, you and your fellow family members should think about writing letters to your loved one as you grieve their death. You should also think about sticking these letters into their cremation container so that they can be cremated with your loved one.



You and your family probably aren’t going to want to give up a bunch of family photos and lose them during your loved one’s Lowell, MA cremation. But you may want to make sure your loved one is surrounded by their family members during their cremation by printing out copies of family photos and putting them into their cremation container. You’re likely going to spend some time going through old family photos anyway in the aftermath of a loved one’s death, so why not put those photos to good use?



If your family includes a bunch of kids, you should get them involved in coming up with things to put into your loved one’s cremation container. Some families will actually go as far as to have kids place stuffed animals into a cremation container. That’s one option that you’ll have. But if you’re worried about stuffed animals taking up too much space in a cremation container, you can also opt to go with something simpler like drawings. Each child in your family can make a drawing for your loved one and place it into their cremation container.

cremation services in Lowell, MA


If there are any poems or even song lyrics that remind you of your loved one, you should attempt to incorporate them into their funeral services. You should also print them out and put them right into your loved one’s cremation container if you can. It’s one more way in which you can pay tribute to your loved one in the days leading up to their cremation.


Does your family want to get some more ideas on what you can put into a loved one’s cremation container? We can provide you with them. We can also lend a hand to any families who need assistance planning Lowell, MA cremations for their loved ones. Give us a call now to hear more about our services.

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