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Reasons to Store Cremains in a Cremation Niche

Following a loved one’s cremation service in Boston, MA, you can bring their cremated remains, or cremains, home if you would like. You can also take their cremains to a cemetery and bury them there or scatter their cremains in a place that was special to them. But your best option of all might be to store your loved one’s cremains in a cremation niche. Many cemeteries have started to add cremation niches to their cemeteries now that the cremation rate in this country is rising so much. Learn some of the best reasons to store cremains in a cremation niche below.


Keeps them safe

If you take a loved one’s cremains home with you, there is no guarantee that they’re going to be safe there. They might get destroyed in a house fire, or they might get stolen during a home burglary. You aren’t going to need to be concerned about these kinds of things happening when you place a loved one’s cremains into a niche at the end of their Boston, MA cremation services. You’ll sleep so much better at night knowing that your loved one’s cremains are as safe as it gets.


Puts them in a convenient location

Do you anticipate that you and/or your fellow family members will want to visit your loved one’s cremains from time to time? Then you’re going to want to have them in a convenient place. And that place is usually not going to be your house. It’s not going to be convenient for you or others to visit your loved one’s cremains when they’re in your home. You would be better off putting the cremains in a niche where anyone can visit them at any time.


Provides an opportunity to create a permanent memorial for them

When you have your loved one’s cremains in your home, you can create a memorial for them if you would like. But that memorial isn’t going to be permanent. It’ll eventually have to get taken down, and who knows what could end up happening to it from there? You can, however, obtain a permanent memorial for a loved one’s cremains when you have them in a niche. You can put the memorial over the niche and leave it there for the long run.

cremation service in Boston, MA

Prevents them from getting lost

You might be perfectly fine with the idea of you keeping an eye on your loved one’s cremains for the foreseeable future. But what will become of the cremains once you can’t do this anymore? There will be a chance that they could go missing on your family at some point. You can prevent this from happening by sticking the cremains into a niche. Both now and well into the future, you and your family will be able to keep tabs on your loved one’s cremains.


Before you can have a loved one’s cremains placed into a cremation niche, you’ll need to plan a Boston, MA cremation for them. We can help you with this by walking you through the cremation planning process. Reach out to us to kickstart this process.

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