How Cremations in Lowell, MA Work

As an option for body disposition after death, cremation is gaining popularity. Cremation offers flexibility for the location of the final remains and may open up the timeline for any desired honoring services such as a memorial service. If you are making final arrangements, learn more here about the process for cremations in Lowell, MA to see if this will work for your needs.


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Overview of the Cremation Process

After the deceased person is brought into the care of the facility who will be performing the cremation, the body is held in cold storage. This keeps the remains stable for the time that will be needed to collect the necessary documents and permits that allow a cremation to proceed. This can take about a week or so. Since cremation is not a reversible process, it is very important that all things are in order beforehand.

Once all clearances are in place, the body will be prepared for cremation through careful identification verification and a cleaning and dressing of the body. A hard sided cardboard, or particle board cremation receptacle will then be brought out to hold the deceased remains. This container will be consumed in the cremation chamber with the body. Its purpose is to help protect the privacy of the departed individual and to ease handling as the staff transfer the remains into the chamber.

Once the chamber is secured, the heat is ignited and focused into the space. These temperatures are extremely hot–ranging from 1400-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Within moments, all of the contents in the retort are ablaze. The burning lasts anywhere from 90-120 minutes or so. After the flames are spent and cooling takes place, all remnants of bones and particles are collected out of the furnace chamber. After further processing for a uniform presentation, the cremated remains (known as ashes) will be containerized and returned to the family.

A Few Common Questions About Cremations in Lowell, MA

Cremation is not a process that most of us have witnessed and so there are often questions surrounding some of the details. Here are a few that come up often when folks are considering cremations in Lowell, MA:


  • What is meant by the terms simple cremation or direct cremation? When a cremation is performed without any public honoring services connected to it, it is called a direct or simple cremation.
  • Can cremation be a body disposition solution if honoring services are wanted? It is absolutely a viable option to have cremation and public honoring services for the same person. These arrangements can be planned at a later time for memorial services or before a cremation if a funeral service makes the most sense for your situation.
  • Is it necessary for the deceased to be clothed for the cremation process? Either clothed or not is fine. Some people prefer to have the least amount of other materials in the cremation chamber as possible. If no clothing is the chosen route, preserving the dignity of the deceased remains a priority for those who perform the cremations.
  • How likely is it that my loved one would be cremated with another individual? This is not something that will happen, ever. It is illegal for multiple individuals to be cremated together. The ashen remains that are collected will be what is left after your departed has been through the process.
  • What protocols are in place to assure the identity of the deceased and the ashen remains when the process is complete? Each facility may have different security steps to guard against human error and prevent mix ups of the ashen remains. Quality establishments can share this process with you in detail to give you peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for respectfully and in a secure manner.


  • Who performs the cremation? Cremations must be overseen by individuals who are licensed to do so. Highly trained staff can assist in most cases, but this is not one that can be handed off to those who are not qualified.
  • Can the cremation be observed? In many cases, the family or close loved ones can observe the loading of the cremation chamber. It is not generally possible to allow observers to view close by when the cremation process is actively happening.
  • Why does cremation typically cost less than traditional deathcare solutions? Cremation often costs less than more traditional services right out of the gate because there tends to be less handling and transfer needed of the deceased remains. The less services that are needed, the less the total cost of the service package.


Selecting a Cremation Care Provider

If you are looking for straightforward cremations in Lowell, MA, be sure to check out Middlesex Cremation. Offering simple, direct cremations with affordability in mind, your loved one’s remains will be well cared for in a timely way. If you desire to have a memorial or ash scattering service at a later time, that is your option. Located at 106 Middlesex St, North Chelmsford, MA 01863, please call (978) 622-1234 to retain services or make an appointment.

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