cremation services in Nashua, NH

Will Cremation Affect My Funeral Arrangements?

You may be seriously considering cremation while wondering what kind of impact it might have on funeral arrangements. This isn’t an unusual question. The good news is that cremation generally won’t have a particularly dramatic effect on any plans you wish to make. Should you have any specific questions, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to discuss those items with a specialist. If you or someone you know is looking into cremation services in Nashua, NH, you should know that professionals in your area are ready to answer these kind of questions while addressing any other concerns you might have. Middlesex Cremation specializes in direct cremation, which means we generally do not make funeral arrangements. If you require that kind of assistance, however, we can certainly refer you to the right funeral home. We can also discuss cremation in greater detail, including the effect it might have on other plans.

Cremation is generally welcomed in part because of the flexibility it creates. You can do a lot of different things with those cremated remains, things that you cannot do when burying the body of the deceased. That kind of flexibility is often seen as a virtue. Whether you plan on scattering the remains, putting them on display, or using them to plant a tree, your family has a number of options. That’s a good thing. But many families wonder how cremation will affect funeral arrangements themselves. Can you still hold a funeral? Is it possible for the body to be present at that funeral? Any number of similar questions may come up.

Cremation certainly does not prevent you from planning a funeral. And yes, many funerals happen prior to cremation, which means that you can have the body of the deceased present at that funeral. From this perspective, very little actually changes. That should come as welcome news to any family that has its heart set on a certain kind of funeral. Even things like viewing or visitation are completely viable, so long as they’re scheduled prior to cremation itself. There’s no rush. Funerals are generally arranged so that they occur just days after the deceased passes away. That allows plenty of time to prepare the body for cremation and complete the cremation process.

cremation services in Nashua, NH

Because scheduling things in a certain fashion may be imperative, it may be helpful to work with a funeral home or at least discuss implications with those handling the cremation. Middlesex Cremation doesn’t directly handle funeral arrangements, but we certainly don’t discourage them, either. We know that funerals are an important opportunity to pay one’s respects and continue the healing process. That matters. And cremation should never get in the way of that kind of service.

If you are interested in cremation services in the Nashua, NH, area, consider reaching out to Middlesex Cremation. We are always prepared to help in any way that we can, and we can always speak to any questions you may have about things like cremation and the funeral service that may accompany it.

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