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When a Simple Cremation Will Make Sense for a Loved One

More often than not, families like to hold some kind of funeral service for a loved one as a part of their cremation service in Boston, MA. But every now and then, families will instead choose to hold a simple cremation—which is also known as a direct cremation—for a loved one. This type of cremation doesn’t involve any kind of funeral service, memorial service, or celebration of life. There are certain instances in which a simple cremation will make all the sense in the world for a loved one. Here are some of the times when your family might want to decide to go with one.


When your family wants to cremate a loved one ASAP

Is your family in a huge hurry to cremate a loved one? Then you might want to go with a Boston, MA direct cremation for them. Direct cremations are the easiest kinds of cremations to plan for a loved one. You can typically do it in a matter of just a few days and have a person’s cremation service carried out in no time at all. If time is going to be a major issue for your family when cremating a loved one, you really can’t go wrong with a simple cremation.


When your family wants to keep a loved one’s cremation costs to a minimum

Cremating a loved one is already going to be a lot less expensive than burying them. This is a big part of the reason why so many families have started to cremate their loved ones versus burying them. But if your family is in a financial bind and really wants to keep cremation costs to a minimum, then you’ll appreciate what a direct cremation has to offer. It’ll be the most cost-effective cremation service possible for your loved one.


When your family is scattered throughout the country and can’t attend a funeral for a loved one

If your family members are located all throughout the country right now, holding a funeral for a loved one might not be possible. You would be better off cremating them through the use of a direct cremation and then potentially planning some kind of funeral service for them later on. This is an excellent option for those families that are spread out and not living in the same city at this time. It’ll provide you with an opportunity to come up with a better plan for a loved one’s funeral down the line.


When your family knows a loved one doesn’t have many family members or friends

cremation services in Boston MAWas your loved one someone who had very few family members and/or friends throughout the course of their life? Even if this is the case, you might still want to stage a funeral service for them. But you might also want to go with a simple cremation based on the fact that there might not be many people who will show up for a funeral service if you hold one. It’s one more reason to toss around the idea of choosing a direct cremation for your loved one.


Are you wondering if a simple cremation will make sense for your loved one? Middlesex Cremation can help you figure it out. We can also speak with you about the other types of Boston, MA cremations. Call us today for all of your family’s cremation-related needs.

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