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What Should a Loved One Wear During a Cremation Service?

When you and your family bury a loved one, you’ll know exactly what they should wear for it. You’ll likely put them into either a suit or a dress for their burial service. But what should you have a loved one wear for a cremation service in Nashua, NH? That’s a question that you’ll need to answer before cremating a loved one. We’ve put together a few of your best options below. Take a look at them and then decide what you want your loved one to wear.


The clothes they were wearing when they died

Does your family want to cremate a loved one without having to part ways with an outfit that was important to them? If so, you might want to carry out their Nashua, NH cremation while they’re wearing whatever it was that they died in. In some cases, this might mean that they’ll be wearing a hospital gown or a robe. In others, it might mean that they’ll be wearing their around-the-house clothes. Whatever the case, you’re allowed to simply have a loved one cremated in the clothing they were wearing at the time of their death.


Their favorite outfit

Did your loved one have a favorite outfit that they wore pretty much all the time? If so, this outfit might be the perfect thing for your loved one to wear for their cremation service. You’ll be able to put them into this outfit one last time and remember all the great times that they had in it. Not every family is going to be willing to part ways with an outfit that was so special to their loved one. But some others would prefer to have this kind of outfit cremated rather than hanging onto it or having to get rid of it.

cremation service in Nashua, NH

Their Sunday best

Just because your loved one is going to be cremated doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t dress them up so that they look their absolute best. You’re more than welcome to dress your loved one in the same type of outfit that they would wear while being buried if you so choose. You can put them into a suit, a dress, or something else that’s on the more formal side. It’ll allow your loved one to go out in style and leave you with a great lasting image of them.



Nothing at all

There are some crematories that will actually allow families to send their loved ones out of this world just like they came into it. They will cremate people while they aren’t wearing any clothes at all. This obviously isn’t going to be the best option for all families. But if your family is interested in taking this approach to cremating a loved one, you should ask a crematory about doing it. They can let you know whether or not they would let you cremate your loved one like this.


Not all families know which outfits they should choose for their loved one’s Nashua, NH cremations. We’re always here to help if your family needs a hand in this department. We can also assist you with many other aspects of the cremation planning process. Give us a call for all your cremation-related needs.

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