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What Do Cremated Remains Look Like?

If you haven’t ever cremated a loved one before, you might not know what their cremated remains will look like following their cremation service in Lowell, MA. This is something that many families wonder about when they’re first cremating loved ones. If you would like to mentally prepare yourself for a loved one’s upcoming cremation, you should take the time to learn about what a loved one’s remains will look like when their cremation is all finished. Find out below.

At first, they look like small bone fragments.

In the immediate aftermath of a person’s Lowell, MA cremation, their cremated remains won’t look like what they’ll look like later on. They’ll appear to be small bone fragments since that will be pretty much all that will be left of a person. These bone fragments will need to go through a special process that will include breaking them down further before they’re given back to a person’s family. They won’t be put into a cremation urn until they go through this process.

Then, they look like coarse sand.

After a person’s bone fragments have been properly processed, they’ll look more like coarse sand than anything else. The process of breaking a person’s remains down will involve making them very small and uniform in size. This process will make it possible for all of a person’s remains to fit inside an urn. It’ll also make the remains safer just in case they ever happen to spill out of an urn. A cremation provider will have special equipment on hand that they can use to process a person’s remains to make them look like sand.

They can range in color from one person to the next.

It can be difficult to predict which color a person’s cremated remains are going to be. There are some remains that end up being a very bright white. There are other remains that turn out to be dark gray. You aren’t going to know what your loved one’s remains will look like after they’re processed until you get them back. You might also find that your loved one’s remains will be a mixture of white, gray, etc.

cremation service in Lowell, MA

They will often weigh between four and eight pounds.

You might guess that cremated remains would weigh a whole lot more than they actually do once they’ve been processed. But in reality, most cremated remains are only going to weigh somewhere between four and eight pounds. If a person was on the heavier side or if they were extremely tall, their remains might weigh more than eight pounds. But otherwise, you’re going to find that they’ll fall somewhere in between that four to eight pound range.

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