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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

Even though the cremation rate has skyrocketed all across the country over the last 25 years, there are still many families that don’t know the first thing about planning a cremation service in Lowell, MA. They often have a whole host of questions that they ask when they first begin planning cremations for their loved ones. If your family falls into this category, we’re going to help answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about cremation below. It should help you get a better understanding of cremation so that you’re ready to hit the ground running while planning your loved one’s cremation service.

What is cremation?

Cremation is a process that involves taking a person’s body and breaking it down to tiny cremated remains through the use of heat. During a Lowell, MA cremation, a body will be moved into a cremation chamber that can reach temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. People’s bodies have been cremated for centuries now. Cremation is a great alternative to a traditional burial for many families.

How does cremation work?

The cremation process might sound simple, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Before a person can be cremated, their body must be prepared for cremation. Any metal or medical devices will need to be removed from it. Their body will then need to be placed into a cremation container so that it can be moved into a cremation chamber for the actual cremation. After cremation is done, a person’s remains will then be collected and given back to their family for safekeeping.

How long does cremation take?

cremation service in Lowell, MAThe entire cremation process will usually play out over the course of just a few hours. But the total time that it’ll take to actually cremate a person can vary depending on a handful of factors. The size of a person is one of the most important factors of all when it comes to how long a cremation will take. The taller and/or heavier that a person is, the longer it’ll take to cremate them. The temperature inside a cremation chamber can also impact how long their cremation will take. The warmer that it is, the faster that a cremation should be.

What happens to a person’s cremated remains after cremation?

Once a person’s body has been cremated and their remains have been collected and given back to their family, the family can then decide what to do with them next. In some cases, families will place remains into urns and either take them home or bury them in cemeteries. But your family will also have the option to scatter a loved one’s remains in a special place if you would like. It’ll be up to your family to come up with the right solution as far as what you would like to do with a loved one’s remains.

These are just a few of the FAQs that families have when planning Lowell, MA cremations. If your family has additional questions, we would be more than happy to answer them all for you. Contact us today to speak with a cremation specialist about any questions your family has.

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