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Misconceptions About Cremation That You Shouldn’t Ever Believe

If you’re thinking about choosing a cremation service in Nashua, NH for yourself or if you’re considering going with a cremation service for a loved one, the only thing that might be stopping you are the misconceptions surrounding cremations that are out there. There are quite a few of these misconceptions that have scared people away from selecting cremation services. Fortunately, some of them are starting to go away, but there are still a few that have stuck around. Find out the truth about these misconceptions below and try not to buy into them at all.


Misconception: Fires are used to carry out cremations

For a long time, people were under the impression that bodies were placed into fires during Nashua, NH cremations. But this is simply not true! Rather than relying on fire to conduct cremations, cremation service providers use cremation chambers that are heated up to high temperatures. There are many instances in which these cremation chambers will reach over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the heat and not fire that is utilized to carry out cremations from beginning to end.


Misconception: People’s remains may get mixed together during cremations

Another common concern that people have about cremations is that people’s remains are going to get mixed together during them. But this is also a falsehood. There are extremely strict rules and regulations that exist within the cremation industry. They prevent crematories from carrying out cremations with more than one body in a cremation chamber. They also force crematories to take every possible precaution to avoid allowing people’s remains to get mixed together. So you won’t have to worry about it happening at any point.


Misconception: Families can’t hold funerals before cremations

If you and your family want to hold a funeral for a loved one, you might think that it’s going to stop you from being able to cremate them. But holding a funeral for a loved one will not prevent your family from being allowed to cremate your loved one. In fact, most cremation service providers will encourage you to stage some kind of funeral for your loved one. You can either hold a funeral for them before their cremation or wait until after the cremation is over and done with to hold a memorial service for them.


Misconception: Religions are steadfastly against cremations

Many years ago, this actually wasn’t a misconception at all. There were lots of major religions that advocated against families cremating their loved ones. But nowadays, most major religions have come around to accepting and allowing cremation services to be carried out. You should, of course, see where your religion stands on cremation at this time. But you shouldn’t automatically rule cremation out for religious reasons.

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