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How to Plan an Ash Scattering for a Loved One’s Remains

After you and your family cremate a loved one through a cremation service in Boston, MA, you’re going to receive their cremated remains back. From there, you’ll have to decide what you would like to do with them. Scattering your loved one’s remains in a special place might be a great option for your family. But before you do it, you should plan out a whole ash scattering for your loved one’s remains. It’ll make it even more special than it would be otherwise. Here is how to plan an ash scattering from start to finish.


Pick the right place to scatter a loved one’s remains.

There are so many different places that you can pick when you’re trying to decide where to hold an ash scattering for a loved one following their Boston, MA cremation. You can scatter them out at sea. You can also scatter them in many national parks. You should decide where you would like to scatter your loved one’s remains first and foremost. It’ll help all of the other details surrounding their ash scattering to start to come together.


Choose the right date to hold an ash scattering for a loved one.

The great thing about holding an ash scattering for a loved one’s remains is that you don’t really have to be in any big rush to do it. You can stage an ash scattering right after a person’s cremation if you want, but you can also wait a few weeks or even a few months to have it. It’ll all depend on what your family’s schedule looks like and where you’re going to have to travel to for an ash scattering. You should pull out a calendar and find a date that works for everyone in your family to hold a loved one’s ash scattering.


Hire a celebrant to help you map out a loved one’s ash scattering.

You and your family can celebrate a loved one’s ash scattering without a celebrant if you would like. But if you can swing it, hiring a celebrant will take the ashcremation service in Boston, MA-scattering plans to the next level. A celebrant will be able to help you choose the right readings, songs, etc. for your loved one’s ash scattering. They’ll also be able to attend to your loved one’s ash scattering and keep it on the right track. It would be great to have them in your corner throughout the planning process for an ash scattering.


Be sure that you invite the right people to a loved one’s ash scattering.

If you’re not going to hold ash scattering for a loved one right after their cremation, you might need to formally invite all those that you would like to be in attendance at a later date. You can do this by mailing or emailing invitations. You can also do it by calling people on the phone to let them know when an ash scattering will be. Whatever the case, you should figure out the most effective way to inform people that an ash scattering will be taking place. It’ll ensure that everyone you want to be in attendance at it will be there.


Prior to putting together plans for an ash scattering, families will have to plan out Boston, MA cremations for their loved ones through cremation services. Middlesex Cremation can assist your family if you need a hand during this part of the process. Reach out to us to begin planning a cremation for your loved one today.

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