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Forms to Fill Out for a Loved One’s Cremation Service

Regardless of whether you choose to bury or cremate a loved one, you and your family are going to need to fill out your fair share of paperwork. But you’ll find that there will be even more forms than usual that you’ll need to go through when you plan a cremation service in Boston, MA for a loved one. A cremation provider is going to need to make sure that all these forms are in order before carrying out a cremation for you. Check out some of the forms you’ll need to make sure that you fill out for a loved one’s cremation service.


Vital statistics form

This will be one of the very first forms that you’ll be asked to fill out when you’re planning a Boston, MA cremation for a loved one. It’s going to call for you to give a cremation provider a bunch of information pertaining to your loved one, including everything from their name and their hometown to their family history and even their veteran information if they served in the military. It’s going to take you some time to work your way through this form, but you should jump on it ASAP to ensure a cremation provider has all the relevant info pertaining to your loved one.


Cremation authorization form

Prior to cremating your loved one, a cremation provider is going to need to get your permission to carry out their cremation. And you’ll need to do more than just verbally tell them that you are providing them with permission to cremate your loved one. You will also need to fill out a cremation authorization form that gives a cremation provider the right to conduct the cremation process. You will also need to work with a cremation provider to properly identify your loved one’s body right before the start of their cremation services.


Funeral planning form

You don’t necessarily have to hold any kind of funeral for a loved one either before or after their cremation if you don’t want to. But you and your family are more than welcome to do it, and most cremation providers will encourage you to do it so that you can say goodbye to your loved one and celebrate their life. To get the funeral planning process underway, a cremation provider will typically ask you to fill out this form outlining what you would like their funeral to be like. It’ll help them to figure out what it is that you want so that they can begin to bring your funeral ideas to life.

cremation service in boston ma
cremation service in boston ma 2

Payment authorization form

At the end of the cremation process, you will obviously need to pay for the cremation services that a cremation provider extended to you. To make sure that this part of the process goes off without a hitch, a cremation provider may ask you to complete a payment authorization form. This form will allow you to indicate how you’ll be paying for a loved one’s cremation. It’ll also give a cremation provider the right to charge you for their services in whichever way you indicated would work best for you.

Is your head already spinning at the mere thought of filling out forms for your loved one’s Boston, MA cremation services? We’ll make it so easy for you to get them all filled out accordingly when you plan a cremation through us. Give us a call today to start putting together plans for your loved one’s cremation.

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