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Best Keepsakes to Buy for a Loved One’s Cremation Service

One of the best parts about planning a cremation service in Nashua, NH as opposed to a burial service for a loved one is that it shouldn’t cost you too much money. Cremations almost always cost just a fraction of what burials do. But as you’re planning a cremation service for a loved one, you should kick around the idea of investing in certain keepsakes. You might end up regretting not buying them if you don’t do it. Take a look at several of the best keepsakes that you can buy for a loved one’s cremation service.


Is your family going to be bringing a loved one’s cremated remains home following their Nashua, NH cremation? If that’s your plan, you should arrange to buy a cremation urn for them. Regardless of whether you buy a basic metal urn or a more ornate stone or wooden urn, you’ll love knowing that your loved one’s remains will be safe and sound from the second they’re placed in an urn. You can put the urn out on display in your home and surround it with other mementos that remind you of your loved one.


Would you like to give each of your family members a small portion of your loved one’s remains to take home with them? If so, you can purchase small urns for each of them. These urns will be just big enough to hold a portion of your loved one’s remains. You can also invest in cremation jewelry that is designed to house a portion of your loved one’s remains. You can find cremation jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. This jewelry will look and feel just like any other jewelry, but it’ll help your family members to keep a piece of your loved one close to them at all times.

Heartscremation service in Nashua, NH

Another way to send your family members home with a small portion of your loved one’s remains without buying small urns or cremation jewelry is by purchasing hearts that are built to hold remains in them. These hearts can hold a small portion of a person’s remains and can be propped up on special stands that will help you to show them off. It’s another great option for those families that want to allow their various family members to hang onto a piece of their loved ones.

Photo frame

As you’re planning out cremation services for a loved one, you’re no doubt going to spend your fair share of time sifting through old photographs of them. You might even find one great photo that you want to hang up in your home after finding it. You should buy a special photo frame for the occasion that includes your loved one’s name on it. You might also want to put a special poem or quote on the photo frame to help you to remember your loved one for years to come.

Would you and your family like to get your hands on any of the cremation keepsakes that we’ve mentioned here? We can set you up with them. We can also lend a hand to those families that would like to plan Nashua, NH cremations from beginning to end. Reach out to us today for additional information on our services.

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