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Why Are Cremations More Affordable Than Burials?

It’s not hard to see why cremations have become a more popular option than burials in recent years. A cremation service in Boston, MA is usually going to cost just a fraction of what a burial service will. Most people know this by now, but they don’t always know why a cremation service will cost so much less than a burial service. Today, we’re going to lay out some of the different reasons for it. Continue reading to find out more about these reasons.


Cremations are easier to plan than burials.

When a family is planning a burial service for a loved one, they’ll usually have to make more than 100 decisions. It can be very difficult to put together the plans for a burial service, which is a big part of the reason why it costs so much money to do it. A Boston, MA cremation service, on the other hand, won’t take nearly as much work as a burial service will. It’ll be much easier for a family to plan, and that will result in their total costs being on the lower end of the spectrum.


Cremations don’t typically require families to purchase burial plots.

There are some families that will choose to invest in burial plots for their loved one’s cremated remains. They’ll go through with burying a loved one’s remains even though they’re being cremated. But for the most part, families won’t need to purchase burial plots when planning out a loved one’s cremation service. They can get away with not shouldering this cost, and it can bring down the price that they’ll have to pay for a cremation as a whole.


Cremations don’t normally call for families to invest in caskets.

In addition to paying for burial plots when burying loved ones, families will also have to invest in caskets for them. And these caskets aren’t always cheap. There are some caskets that families can buy for under $1,000. But more often than not, families are going to have to be prepared to spend at least a few thousand dollars on caskets in total. This is yet another thing that can add to the cost of a burial service and make a cremation service a much cheaper option.

cremation services in Boston, MA

Cremations provide families with more funeral options.

When a family is going to bury a loved one, holding a traditional funeral for them right away is really their only good option. They aren’t going to have much time to consider any other funeral options. But when a family is going to cremate a loved one, they can choose from a wide range of funeral options. For example, they can still have a traditional funeral for a loved one, but they can also have something like a memorial service or a celebration of life ceremony. It gives them more choices and, in turn, provides them with some semblance of control when it comes to how much they’ll spend while cremating a loved one.


When families are planning Boston, MA cremations, they often want to keep their costs as low as they can get them. We can help families achieve this goal. Give us a call if you and your family would like to cremate a loved one on a budget.

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