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Which Type of Cremation Is Right for Your Loved One? 4 Good Options

When you and your family visit a cremation service in Boston, MA to plan a cremation for a loved one, you’re going to have to make a lot of decisions. One of the very first decisions that you’ll have to make is what type of cremation to go with for your loved one. You and your family should try to decide which direction you want to go in before you start working with a cremation service. It’ll ensure that the cremation planning process goes a lot smoother for you. Learn all about the four main types of cremation below.

Direct cremation

A direct cremation, which is also sometimes referred to as a simple cremation, is the most basic type of Boston, MA cremation around. During a direct cremation, you’ll cremate a loved one without staging any kind of funeral service for them before or after their cremation. You can, of course, hold some kind of service later on if you would like. But for the time being, you’ll only be focused on cremating your loved one. Direct cremation has become a popular option for those families searching for the most affordable way to cremate a loved one.

Cremation preceded by a funeral

While families are welcome to cremate their loved ones without holding funerals for them, they can also choose to stage a funeral prior to their cremation if they would like. Holding a funeral for your loved one will help you and your family to make sense of their loss. It’ll also give you an opportunity to celebrate their life and to say your goodbyes to them as a family. There is a lot of good that can come out of having a funeral for your loved one before their cremation.

Cremation followed by a memorial service

cremation service in Boston, MA

If your family doesn’t want to have to wait too long to cremate your loved one, you’ll also have the option to cremate them and then hold some kind of service for them. A lot of the families that do this will cremate their loved ones and then stage memorial services for them. You can customize your loved one’s memorial service to be almost anything that you want it to be. It’ll be a nice way for your family to say goodbye to your loved one while paying tribute to the life that they led.

Cremation followed by a celebration of life ceremony

In recent years, some families have shown an interest in skipping the usual funerals or memorial services for their loved ones in favor of celebration of life ceremonies. Celebration of life ceremonies tend to be a lot more festive in nature than funerals and memorial services. They’re yet another option that you’ll have if you’re going to be cremating a loved one. You can cremate them and then arrange to have a celebration of life ceremony a few weeks later.

Is your family interested in discovering more about the different types of Boston, MA cremations? Middlesex Cremation can discuss each of the options with you further so that you have a better understanding of them. Give us a call today to speak with someone about them.

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