cremation service in Lowell, MA

The Biggest Reasons Why Cremation Has Become So Popular

Have you started to get the sense that more people are choosing a cremation service in Lowell, MA for themselves or their loved ones over a burial service? You aren’t just imagining things! The truth is that the cremation rate is on the rise right now. It has actually gone over the 50 percent mark in many parts of the country. There are a handful of different reasons for this. Here are just some of the reasons why cremation has become so popular.

It has become very easy to learn the ins and outs of cremation.

Once upon a time, it wasn’t easy at all for people to learn about Lowell, MA cremations. They really had to go out of their way to get information on how cremations worked. But nowadays, the internet has made it simple for people to learn everything they need to know about cremations in a matter of just minutes. You can discover what the entire cremation process entails by reading a single internet article. This has opened a lot of people’s eyes and made them reconsider their previous stance on cremation.

It’s easier to plan a cremation than it is to plan a burial.

One of the things that many families have learned about cremation is that it’s so much simpler to plan a cremation versus a burial. The average burial requires a family to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 decisions. But they have to make just a fraction of those decisions when they’re planning a cremation. Families have come to really love this particular part of things when it comes to cremations. It makes the planning process so much less stressful on them and gives them more time to mourn a loved one’s loss.

Many religions now allow cremations to occur.

Back in the day, many of the major religions throughout the world forbid people to even think about choosing a cremation over a burial. Requesting a cremation was out of the question. But nowadays, most of these same religions have finally come around to allowing cremation. As long as people follow a few simple guidelines, they can usually opt to be cremated as opposed to buried. There are still a few religions, like Judaism, that haven’t yet accepted cremation as an option. But it is now an option for millions of people who wouldn’t have given cremation a second thought before.

cremation service in Lowell, MA

Cremations cost a lot less than burials do.

Burying a loved one can cost a whole lot of money. It’s not uncommon at all for families to spend tens of thousands of dollars to bury their loved ones. Cremating them is, by comparison, so much more affordable. Some families are able to cremate their loved ones for just a shade over $1,000 when they go with direct cremation services for them. And because many families are operating on tight budgets, they like having the option to save money by cremating their loved ones.

Would you like to hear more about why cremation has turned into such a popular option for people? Or would you like to plan a Lowell, MA cremation for a loved one? Either way, Middlesex Cremation is always here to help. Contact us now for additional information on our cremation services.

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