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Places You Shouldn’t Scatter a Loved One’s Remains

Is your family interested in scattering a loved one’s cremated remains following their cremation services in Lowell, MA? You’re free to scatter them in most national parks, on many mountaintops, and even out at sea. But there are also some places where you should not try to scatter a loved one’s remains. You might get yourself into some trouble if you do. Let’s take a look at several places where you shouldn’t ever try to scatter a loved one’s remains.


Because scattering a loved one’s remains at sea after their Lowell, MA cremation is allowed, some families also think that scattering them on the beach is allowed, too. But this is typically not the case. If you and your family were to scatter a loved one’s remains on the beach, they could potentially come into contact with other people, birds, fish, etc. So scattering remains on the beach is usually forbidden. You and your family could find yourselves on the wrong side of the law if you try to scatter a loved one’s remains on the beach and get caught doing it.


If you don’t live close enough to the ocean to go and scatter a loved one’s remains at sea, you might consider trying to scatter them in a nearby lake. But this is never a good idea. When you scatter a person’s remains at sea, the U.S. Coast Guard calls for you to travel at least three nautical miles off the coast before doing it. This is obviously not something that will be possible when you scatter them in a lake. It could lead to you polluting a lake and putting things like birds and fish at risk. It’s why scattering remains in a lake is off-limits.

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Was your loved one a diehard sports fan? If they were, you might be thinking about scattering their remains at the stadium of their favorite sports team. This would be a really cool tribute to them, but it would also be something that could get you kicked out of the stadium and potentially even banned from it for life. Some teams will occasionally hold special ash scattering ceremonies in their stadiums, arenas, etc. But if you aren’t taking part in one of these ceremonies, you shouldn’t ever attempt to scatter a loved one’s remains in a sports venue.

Private property

Generally speaking, you should always check to see if you’re going to be scattering a loved one’s remains on private property when you pick a place for their ash scattering ceremony. If you’re going to be doing it, you’ll need to get the proper permission before scattering their remains there. Otherwise, you may technically be breaking the law by scattering a loved one’s remains on private property. You could be fined and even face jail time for taking this approach to scattering a loved one’s remains.

There are so many decisions that families must make when planning Lowell, MA cremations. We seek to make things easier on families by helping them through every step. This includes picking out a great place to scatter a loved one’s remains. Give us a call today to plan a loved one’s cremation with our assistance.

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