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How to Write an Obituary for a Loved One

When you’re planning a cremation service in Lowell, MA for a loved one, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you’ll need to create an obituary for them at some point. There will be so many other things that you’ll need to do that you might forget about the obituary until the last minute. But you will need to get around to writing an obituary for your loved one at some point, and it can be challenging to do it if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Here is a guide on how to write an obituary for a loved one that should help you to get the job done in no time at all.


Gather all the necessary information on your loved one.

Before you can begin piecing together an obituary for a loved one, you’re going to need to get your hands on all the information that you’ll need to do it. It would be worth sitting down with a few of your other family members to obtain all of this information in advance. You’ll obviously need to know things like your loved one’s full name, hometown, educational background, etc. But you’ll also need to know things like the names of all your loved one’s closest family members and the details on your loved one’s funeral services. The more information you can gather for a loved one’s obituary, the better. It’ll put you in a good place to begin to create their obituary.


Find the sample obituary format that you would like to use.

Once you have all the information you’ll need to create a loved one’s obituary, you should try to track down a sample obituary format that you want to use. In some cases, the funeral home that is going to be carrying out your loved one’s Lowell, MA cremation will be able to provide you with it. But you can also set out to find it on your own online. There are lots of different sample obituary formats that can be used to bring an obituary to life. Your goal should be to find the one that will allow you to incorporate as much information as possible into it.


Begin plugging your loved one’s info into their obituary.

After you know which sample obituary format you would like to use for your loved one, you should be able to begin taking their information and plugging it into it. You’ll typically want to start with some of their most basic info before moving on to some of their interests, hobbies, etc. Your goal should be to work as much information about your loved one into their obituary as you can without making it too long. Your goal should also be to find ways to illustrate the type of person your loved one was based on the kind of information that you cram into their obituary.

cremation service in lowell ma
cremation service in lowell ma 2

Make sure you don’t forget any key information in a loved one’s obituary.

The last thing that you want to do is forget to include a key family member or a key life accomplishment in a loved one’s obituary. If you do this, you’re inevitably going to kick yourself later and wish you had taken a little more time laying out a loved one’s obituary. With this in mind, you may want to have a fellow family member (or two!) read through the obituary that you come up with for a loved one. They’ll be able to point out anything that you may have forgotten to include in the obituary.

When you plan Lowell, MA cremation services for your loved one through us, we’ll do more than just help you map out their cremation. We can also assist you with your loved one’s obituary if you would like. Contact us now to see how helpful we can be when it comes to lending a hand to families who need to plan cremations.

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